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Default Re: Darrelle Revis vs. Nnamdi Asomugha

Originally Posted by GOBB
You were talkin out of your ass. JMT called you on it too as he actually went thru the experience. The only reason you said Peterson would be back by week 1 is because you are the biggest Peterson homer on these boards. Had it been Chris Johnson you wouldnt have said what you did. Yanno same Chris Johnson you randomly DISS here and there. Why? Oh because he was compared to Peterson in the who is the better RB debates. Like dont play dumb with me prime. Wait thats me being too stupid to comprehend you arent playing dumb, you actually are dumb. Its no coincidence what bias you have for Peterson. Afterall he is already cemented in Canton according to you. This was prior to his ACL injury at that. But yeah talkin out your ass isnt your thing.

I love owning you.

And Fitzgerald didnt score a TD on NNamdi, that was Kurt Coleman irresponsibility as deep help.
JMT is like 50 or something, probably had the surgury 20 years ago lol, and doesn't play in the NFL

I posted numerous articles about how ACL surgury has advanced, and was shown on Wes Welker

and Peterson IS cemented in Canton for the most part...

you should stop owning yourself now, it's embarrassing
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