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Default Re: Eli Manning and the Dreaded Underrated Word

Originally Posted by Playmakers Dad
This guy has never gotten a fair shake ever since he forced his way to NY in a very memorable draft day trade. He seems like a goof ball, sure he often looks confused out there (even though he recorded one of the highest wonderlic scores of all time in the NFL). The word underrated is probably one of the most misused words in all of sports. We often rate players correctly and as a result due to lots of players being overrated (mainly due to media) we think that a guy like Drew Brees is underrated, when in fact he's rated correctly.

If I were to make an argument for any Quarterback in the NFL being underrated it'd be Eli.

Let's talk the stuff we can grade on paper. He has one of the best arms in the NFL. Even though his delivery may be a bit unorthodox he has a better arm then his beloved brother even (admittedly so). He can make every single throw and for a while he showed some poor mechanics (i.e. throwing off his back foot) but that's all but a distant memory.

People like to talk about his laid back demeanor as a fault. If anything it helps him out. He's rare in the sense that he can have a horrible 3 quarters of football, full of bad passes, drops by his WRs, sacks from the opposing defenses, turnovers, and still come right back in their the next drive and instantly forget about it. I've seen him do this countless teams, he's pretty unshakable. I've seen lots of QBs over the years get down on themselves, when the mistakes start to pile up they begin to snowball. Mcnabb was a perfect example of this when he played for Philly - when the going was good, he was excellent but when things didn't go his way he often struggled.

I also find it funny that he had one of the greatest post season runs ever and yet it gets swept under the rug. Everyone loves to say how dominant their defensive line was, and obviously this is true but he still played brilliantly and made plenty of plays. If you go back and look at any SB winning team there is usually one common denominator - a great defense.

I am not claiming he's Aaron Rodgers or even Drew Brees for that matter. I am claiming he's in the tier below them which makes him an excellent QB that is very "clutch". I would take very few QBs over him and I think besides the Saints he has the best shot to upset the Packers and come out of the NFC.

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