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Default Re: Atone for your sins!!!!

Originally Posted by DonDadda59
According to whom though? You know that Catholicism basically=Paulism. MANY of the early followers of 'Christ' aka the Ebionites aka the first Jewish Christians thought he was an apostate to the law and a heretic because he basically fused Pagan traditions with their movement in a blatant attempt to recruit the gentiles. But Paul's marketing scheme worked, his story won out, the original Jewish Christians were marginalized, deemed heretics, and their works sequestered.

Remember the old saying- History is written by the victor. I suggest you study early Christianity and you can see the WHOLE story, not just Paul's bullshit gentile recruiting scam.
Um, I study Christianity and its history basically every day and plan on being a Philosopher/Theologian for a career. I would LOVE to see your sources which you have yet to provide.
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