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Default Re: Tekken Tag Tournament 2

I did not play Tekken 6 that much as I found it to be the worst of the series since I picked it up, and I had a Wii.

You are right, the characters are depowered, and the timing is harder because they have changed the way they move. It takes time to perform certain moves, some are super fast though.

What they have done is moved it away from just knowing the strongest moves and characters with the best reach, to having to know how to effectively mix in combos. I used to be the king of the annoyingly timed grab but they made throw breaks easier too. You have to use quick strikes to keep an opponent off balance.

Basically the game has made a complex system require greater knowledge of the system in order to master it.

It has become rigidly unforgiving. Poor timing, poor spacing, or poor move choice will lead to you getting stomped.
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