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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by Playmakers Dad
Chris Johnson is completely done, he's not going to all of a sudden snap out of it. There are a million things wrong right now and no one thing is going to all of a sudden "fix" the situation. I accurately prognosticated that he would seriously struggle this year, admittedly not to this degree, but I can tell definitively the guy is done. His career path is very similar to Larry Johnson.

CJ1ypc just celebrated his 27th birthday. Let's all wish the biggest bust in fantasy football history a happy birhtday

This has nothing to do with RBA, but it's become hilarious how bad Chris Johnson is from an observers stand point. If you want a great read, go read the Chris Johnson thread on the rotoworld cameos. I make many cameos, suggesting he was awful prior to the start of the season and I got lambasted. Now everyone is singing a much different tune.
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