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Default Re: Dear ISH Science Nerds

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Seeing as how darkness is the absence of light, and light is an entity that is both a photon and a wave (as EVIDENCED by Young's Double-Slut Penetration Experiment)... I can offer a few conjectures.

The human psyche is a wonderful thing. It is designed, developed, and manufactured to aid us in survival. Yet... as we go by on our days, why is it that good deeds and praise go unrecognized, but an insult remains in the cerebrum forever. Why it's a simple matter of course! Evil prevails over good 10 times over 10, and twice on Sunday since we live in a God-less selfish society (nto that that's a bad thing) headed by Devil-Worshipping Masons and Illuminati.

Furthermore, what intrigues us more? The humble, hardworking, honorable, protect the land heroic.. or the dazzling, magnificent, volatile, vociferous, vindicative, charismatic evil?

Who did thou cheereth for? Louanna or Anton Chigurgh?
Joker or Dark Knight?
Lecter or Clarise?
Shaka Zulu or the Dutch?
*Insert godfather or wire characters here*
Corleone or Fredo

Who stuck on the mind more? Who followed their own WILL and their own personal agenda in order to fulfill their destiny?

If you wanted to really leave an impression on someone.. an unforgettable impression would you inflict pain upon their ego or would you be another stupid predictable bland f*cking kissa$$

Rhetorically speaking.

From these various examples we can conclude...

..... Dark is more POWERFUL than light.

And to further reiterate my case I must ask you this. Does purple look more like black or like light. And does red look more like white light or like blackness.

Purple/Violet/Indigo are CLAERLY "blacker" and darker than their infrared counterpats and they have shorter wwavelengths and higher frequencies. They are smaller and more agile, like a hummingbird flapping its wings as opposed to Lights big wavelengths and low frequencies. An andean Condor type fella.

And Power = Speed X Strength.

Gauging by the fact that one clearly possesses more mass than the other (light, since light is SOMETHING as opposed to Dark which is the ABSENCE of light) we can say that light possesses a discernible mass. Dark does not.

We can quickly take a glance at sports science for a final answer. One produces more force than the other. and on TOP of that one is lighter than the other.

Would 130 lb Bruce Lee generating 1500 lbs of force in a quick punch, counter 220 lb Rampage Jacksons 1450 lbs of force in a hook? Seeing as how the latter has a HEAVIER fist and the former a lighter one.. the lighter one MUST produce FASTER SPEEDS OF ACCELERATION to Match.. let alone OUTDO the wolf-howling freak.

In conclusion, dark is faster.
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