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Default Re: Dear ISH Science Nerds

Originally Posted by highwhey
classic j$

Your PM box is full bro so I'll link you.

Piracetam can be attained for reasonable prices. Creatine is linked to better brain development. Caffeine + Carbs + MCT Oil as well.

Here's a recipe
12 oz Black Coffee
2 tbsp Coconut OIl
and then a big apple.

If you want to digest study material as efficiently and permanently as possible; consider these methods.
- Holistic Learning (This is when you put your stuff in a song, and see it as a LINK in a web connection as opposed to a staunch fact) Use for this
- Using all senses to incorporate the knowledge.. f.e. if I was learning about cars.. I'd put my hands around a camshaft, I'd listen to a lecture regarding it, and I'd see it, and spatially aware myself on hwo it fits in with the other parts of an engine.
- Consider the rest stop rest stop technique. GO HARD FIFTEEN MINUTSE. That's it. FIFTEEN. Rest 2 minutes. GO HARD 14. Rest 2. Etc. Etc.
- Read and digest Cal Newport Blog
- Get into a theta or alpha state for optimal information absorption. That means deep breaths and a relaxed demeanor to really get things to click. And when you want to perform well on a test.. go beta. Be a bit stressed.. but not too much
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