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Default Re: Eli manning is the best QB in football.

Originally Posted by christian1923
Yeah in like 2009 lol

And 2010, 11 and 12. He led the league in interceptions in 2010 with about a 100, but you think he was awesome and consistent? Last year, he got bailed out by his receivers on a number of plays, but we're not allowed to give credit to anyone but the QB, right? I know the Redskins didn't have trouble beating them last year while Eli was craptacular in those games.

Lmao Eli carried the giants last year.

He had 2 pro bowl caliber WRs, a nice #3 WR, 2 DEs that combined for about 25 sacks, and your defense was near the top in getting turnovers. Nobody will doubt that he's really good, but he's just not at the top. It's not like it's a slight on him. I have to agree with pt, he's becoming overrated.
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