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Default Re: Reggie Bush has no pity for Darrelle Revis

Originally Posted by code green
In Brady's defense, I wouldn't want to go to Buffalo either. Just sayin.

I've got no issues with what Bush said, he's got a point. I made the same point a couple of days ago.

And yeah, of course Bush'll be back. He'll just inject whatever he's been taking this season into himself and he'll be fine. Dude's turning into a power runner 5 years into his career? Fuck outta here with that, I don't buy it.
Cause you're a ****ing dumbass. When he played with the saints they never gave him the touches he needed because of how pass heavy they were and bush was injury proned. Then last you in case you didn't watch him after coming back from injury he had a 200 yard game and finished the year with 4 straight 100 yard games. So no this isn't coming out of no where and this is what he should of been able to do and why he was drafted that high. Idk what injection magically heals injuries but he suffered no structural damage anyway.
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