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Default Re: What do you think of Tony Romo? Top 10? Top 5? Your thoughts...

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
everyone believes that stupid nonsense too...

here you go chief:

Tony Romo 4th quarter

We've all seen him make big mistakes in big moments. We've all seen him overthrow the receiver at the end of a game, not drive the team down field, throw the ball into Revis's hands. You quote stats like we don't all get to see tons of games and we haven't seen the pattern of the big mistake and the big loss. To the Giants. To the Eagles.

We've had this conversation 100 times, not every moment is equivalent. Throwing a pick when you can win the game and gifting it (like he did to the Jets in week 1) is not equivalent to Manning tossing the ball to the Jets up 10 in week 16 (and winning).

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