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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

go to ladder, get replaced in a league. first game zvp entomed. i dont scout enough to realize he's 4 gating, and played too greedily. just a minute or two later and i'd be fine, but i lose. placed in silver, that's nice. i thought it would have been gold because i was getting matched against gold/plat last season. w/e. next game against a random on cloud kingdom. go to scout fast but then i see that he has a probe coming, so i start hitting it and pool first. he tries to cannon rush but fails, i pull 3/4 of drones, deny, and he just leaves. i then message him and talk shit for how terrible he is (i'm an awful human being). there's so many better cannon spots than that on cloud kingdom anyways.

wcs asia finals is going to be so good. so much PvP though (14 protoss, 4 terran, 13 zerg i think is the player list). and no korean terrans...seed or creator will win, most likely.
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