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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by Playmakers Dad
good call on browns rba
Pretty easy call, imo. That damn pick-six... And the drop by Little on what should have been a TD pass...

That game really should have been even closer and maybe even a win.

Shurmur is an awful playcalling coach, though... Trent was getting 4-5 yards a touch and it looked like he was going to break one if he got enough touches. Yet, we are in shotgun almost every play of the second half?

The Browns had 70 offensive plays in the game, our best skill position player (by a mile) is our running back and the Browns ran the ball 17 times? Out of 70 total plays? Richardson gets 14 carries in a close, grind-it-out game like that? In the rain?

I'm not even putting the pick-six on Weeden. He played a nice game. When you throw the ball that much with a rookie quarterback, chances are he is going to slip up at least once.

I realize Shurmur is a West Coast Offense guy, but there have been WCOs that feature the running game (Shaun Alexander's Seattle teams are a good example).

Shurmur is way too pass happy and that directly led to this loss.

All things considered, I was pretty happy with the performance by the players. Billy Winn is looking like a draft steal, Craig Robertson is looking like another one and Jabaal Sheard continues to look really good.

While 90-percent of Mayock's commentary focused on the Ravens, how they were missing guys and, most extensively, Joe Flacco's entire biography, it is easy to forget that the Browns are also missing arguably our best player in Joe Haden and also another key piece in Phil Taylor. I don't think either guy was mentioned one time in the broadcast, even when our corners were being abused and that absolutely would not have happened with Haden out there.

0-4 is still 0-4.... But this team isn't that bad.

VERY close losses to the Eagles, Bengals and Ravens. Could be wrong, but I think all three games came down to the final play.

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