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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by Playmakers Dad
Those parameters are ridiculous, of course Illini has all sorts of stipulations, part of why Ryan Williams sucks is because hes injury prone.

I see it 2 ways..Either you do.

Most points from here on out (injuries are simply a part of the risk)


Per game averages from here on out.

That way an actual winner can be declared.
Are you serious? Those stipulations are not ridiculous at all. How would a bet on player performance go if the player in question is injured? **** most points from here on out. I declared Williams an RB2 because Beanie is hurt and he's getting all the carries. Never said he would be for the rest of the season. If beanie comes back and gets carries, you obviously downgrade Williams.

anyways, I'll do a month if that's cool with you Jailblazers..
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