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Default Re: 3rd Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by IlliniFan
This new setting where all players are on waivers after the thursday game is ****ing stupid. It should be when the players' game starts. What if your tight end gets hurt in a friday practice and you need to pick someone up? Please change it back to the way it was.
We need to do a vote... other leagues have it that all players go on waivers on first game. Then you have other leagues where its once that players game starts... we never voted on this, so we have to now.

I vote for waivers to start when the first game of the week starts (you can snag back ups and have plan B's set in place before thursday's game, I always do)

Illini votes for when players game starts


1 vote for starting waivers when the first game of the week kicks off

1 vote for starting waivers when the player on the wire's game starts
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