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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

woop woop just beat a protoss 2-1 in a tournament. moving onto the third round to play a masters terran...

first game was on entombed he tried to early pressure but i had lings/roach...then he just never expanded and i won with roach/infestor.

game 2 was his map ohana i expected like immortal/sentry cause that never loses on ohana, but he did this weird 1 base charge all in...i tried to go speedlings but speedlings vs charge zealots is a terrible fight. held the first push barely then lost.

game 3 i picked daybreak. he hadn't expanded either games so i figured it'd be smart to pick a huge map. i went 2 base roach, he went for the zealot build but roach hard counters it ezpz so i held it, then a-moved to his base for zee win.
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