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Default Re: #50 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

I vote for Reggie Miller...

Once in a while there just comes a player with so great intangibles, killer instinct, legacy, longevity, consistency and character which no on paper awards or statistics can measure.... Reggie is the #1 example... You see for example on paper his 18.2 ppg and think thats nothing special until you realise most of those points came in the 4th quarter resulting in ridicilously many clutch plays, especially in playoffs where his ppg would jump dramatically overall.... The name Reggie Miller is synonymous with clutch...... He was a guy that lived for the biggest moments and made the biggest moments....

As Reggie Miller put it: "You might make your first 10 shots and everything is going great, but when the game is on the line, those other 10 don't mean anything."

There are 6 things he is in argument for being the most successful at:

1. Shooter
2. Clutch performer
3. Competitor
4. Greatest Pacer ever
5. Greatest of the ball/screen player ever
6. Work Ethic

Reggie’s loyalty to the Pacers organization is one of the things people often overlook. Only John Stockton and Karl Malone (with Utah) played more games with one franchise than Reggie did with Indiana...

Reggie played 1,389 games. He owned that Indiana city, even more so than Peyton Manning did during his tenure there... He was the best perimeter shooter that this game has ever seen and one of the greatest clutch shooters of all-time.... He knew he was a marked man and he relished it, especially in the big stage....

Over the span of his 18 years with Indiana he has hit some kindof clutch shot in every close game... If there is any gamewinner count out there that dates way back dont be surprised if Reggie Miller as at #1 on that list.... If the basketball term "clutch" was in the dictionary then Reggie Millers picture would be next to it....

He was also a nasty competitor with the confidence of GOD and legendary trashtalking (which he always backed up) which created historic NBA drama and memories.... He could get into peoples heads like no other and once he did he would play mind tricks, he was even the only one that ever got under Jordans skin and not only once....

Jordan said: “I really don’t dislike playing against anybody in the league, but playing Reggie Miller drives me nuts.”

There is a reason this hall of famer was Michael Jordans biggest nemesis at the SG spot....

While many players hated Reggie during their playing days, they all respected him. Kobe Bryant said Reggie was the toughest player he has ever had to guard. I’m sure there are plenty of others that would agree........ and keep in mind that Kobe has played against Michael Jordan...

A Hall of Fame career is about more than how many Championship rings you have. Robert Horry has seven of them, and Adam Morrison has two. I’ll leave it at that. Who is to say Dan Marino is less of a player because he never won a Super Bowl? Sometimes people need to take a step back and look at the whole product, instead of just focusing on one piece of it.....

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