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Default Re: #50 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

This is just a simple question...

To you people who pick Dennis Rodman here, if you had to pick between Reggie Miller and Dennis Rodman, who would it be?

Be honest now...

I know what my answer would be, all due respect to Dennis Rodman, he also belongs here somewhere in the standings... but not ahead of Reggie in my list... no god damn way.... Rodman was not a go-to-guy, he was not a franchise player that would impact you in a way you could win unless that team already had that go-to-guy / franchise player, he was only a complimentary player TO TOP 50 PEOPLE LIKE REGGIE MILLER........

Are you really gona act like rings is what separates Rodman over Reggie? Just because he was blessed of having to play with what i consider is the greatest team ever? Switch teams where Reggie Miller would play next to Jordan for the Bulls and Rodman would play next to Pooh Richardson (who? exactly) for the Pacers and i can guarantee you he would have the same championships.... and i can guarantee you Rodman would be remembered as nothing but a rebounding showman.... Rings are overrated that way...

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