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Default Re: Barkley: I'm better than Malone

This is a fact, still not enough, though.
more than enough actually
True, the conference was a lot better, but this difference in the support he had was immense.
yao was barely even a top 5 center, and besides that they were the same.
at Kobe being slightly better, and again with this "stepped up more" nonsense.
bryant was only slightly better, and what don't you understand about this stepped up more "nonsense"? it is quite a clear concept.
Lebron had to be ball-dominant because he couldn't play off the ball, though a clueless offensive coach deserves some of the blame because the same thing happened in LA when he replaced Phil, though not to the same extent. However, Lebron's coach was more of a positive than a negative because Brown being an excellent defensive coach was essential to Cleveland's success.
he couldn't play off the ball because cleveland couldn't afford him to play off the ball, they needed the ball in his hands to give them the best chance to win games of basketball.
Kobe's playmaking was much closer to Lebron's this year than Lebron's scoring was to Kobe's scoring. Lebron grabbing 1 more rpg as a forward than Kobe got as a guard is a non-factor to me, and defense is not much of an advantage for either player in this comparison.
lebron having advantages in every other statistic makes up for his 4.3ppg scoring disadvantage.
at best PG in the league, and that team is pretty much trash when they go .500 and their best big men are Mikki Moore, Jason Collins and Josh Boone.
that team with the best point guard in the league is a very dangerous one, especially when he was playoff experience, and when you throw in guys like the ones i mention the nets team, fresh from defeating 47 win raptors (only 3 wins from being in championship conversation ), it would not matter who you have as bigmen, you will be a tough team to beat.
It's also funny how you point out the difference in conferences when it works for your T-Mac argument, but not now when it doesn't work for your Lebron/Kobe argument. Kobe probably wouldn't have trouble making the playoffs backed with a top 4 defense and a team that was +3.7 rpg because of how capable Kobe is of carrying an offense. I do think Lebron is more of a natural in a ball-dominant role so I'm not sure he has as much success in that role, but I prefer a player who can play off the ball better like Kobe and I have my doubts Lebron makes the playoffs with Kobe's cast in the West.
you can use that argument if you want, i don't care. it won't make any difference due to them being so far apart its just laughable we are even talking about it.
I have to watch them and be impressed by their rebounding
me too. i was very impressed.
If it's a significant sample size(about 10 games or more) then I will, but I agree that a few games doesn't tell you much.
there is too many factors to consider in this case, so sample size doesn't matter.
I thought Orlando would beat Boston, and I thought Cleveland might as well
me too
Rondo was nowhere near a top 7 player, although you're right that they were no longer just a big 3 and both Rondo and Perkins did really step up, I'll give you that.
you rank rondo higher than 7th? i mean i know he averaged 17/10/10 along with 3 steals in the playoffs but despite that he is ranked no higher than 7th.
I still think the 2008 Celtics were much better, and the 2009 Celtics would have been as well if KG hadn't gone down.
they were better, but they weren't much better. rondo's improvement in '09 was a major factor, as was kendrick perkins.
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