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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Originally Posted by Maniak
woop woop just beat a protoss 2-1 in a tournament. moving onto the third round to play a masters terran...

first game was on entombed he tried to early pressure but i had lings/roach...then he just never expanded and i won with roach/infestor.

game 2 was his map ohana i expected like immortal/sentry cause that never loses on ohana, but he did this weird 1 base charge all in...i tried to go speedlings but speedlings vs charge zealots is a terrible fight. held the first push barely then lost.

game 3 i picked daybreak. he hadn't expanded either games so i figured it'd be smart to pick a huge map. i went 2 base roach, he went for the zealot build but roach hard counters it ezpz so i held it, then a-moved to his base for zee win.

Nice, I've actually beaten GM protoss in a tournament recently (and he's not just a GM usually like top 30 GM in EU, EC.Krr) yeah pvp is weird sometimes.
I can pretty much take the wins on ladder whenever I want in pvp, but I do not improve if I play that way as those builds are quite boring, it's robo most of the time with different variations depending on the map. So I go for phoenix opening which by now I am quite good at and often grab a win even if they start up with blink, it's very hard to win tho if they open dt into chargelot archon, but it's quite rare, more often they go for this if they open blink and realise that chargelot archon is even better against phoenix.
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