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Default Re: Eli manning is the best QB in football.

Originally Posted by christian1923
What are you talking about. We had one of the worst defenses in the league last year. The giants were winning shoot outs. And I won't knock Nicks or Cruz but receivers are nothing without their QB playing well. Eli overcame a crappy Run game, Crappy o line, and crappy defense for most of the season. We couldn't even stop Vince young. Lol

Go watch Eli throwing the ball up for grabs into double coverage with his receivers pulling TDs out of their asses. Cruz had a 99 yd TD reception, but you probably want to give all the credit to Eli, right? Cruz turned what probably should have been picks into TDs (not that 99 yarder, but other ones).

Not that I'd expect New Yorkers to be unbiased in this type of discussion...
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