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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

rough day for the ACC:

- MTS beats GT
- cinci beats v-tech
- la tech beats virginia

mettenberger's looking unimpressive again. liked him early on but he's really struggled vs. any sort of defense. i say bama beats lsu 7-8 times out of 10.

connor shaw just went on a designed run and fell down way before the 1st down marker. 4th & 1 (favorable spot) and they botched the long snap. kentucky recovers. they score here? south carolina is in majorrrrr trouble.

lmao, kentucky just let like 15 seconds run off the clock before calling TO. shit, this game is crazy. kentucky's QB fumbled it, then the ball was kicked around 2-3 times, kentucky got it back and fell short of a TD by two yards.

horrible clock management though. they should have come away from that with at least a FG.

man, i have no idea why fsu's kicker has regressed this way. big leg, good at kickoffs but his accuracy is so off right now. if he can't kick good even vs. usf, i don't know how he's supposed to do well in big games.

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