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Default Re: Jordan Hill Avoids Jail Time

Originally Posted by MJ(Mean John)
I think they'll start Jamison too.

Why? Because they can start pau at the 5 which still has Jordan hill backing up pau to give us more minutes having a legit 5 on the floor.

You start both of them and then what happens when they both need a breather?
Jamison can't play the 5.

Your logic is correct, but your results are a bit opposite of what I was thinking. Time to re-open a wound here . Back when Odom was here, it was 3 men rotating at the 4 and 5, with him, Bynum, and Pau.

If you start Jordan Hill at the 5, Jamison can come off the bench to play the 4, which would still keep the 5 for Jordan, or you move pau to the 5 while taking Jordan out, and then Jamison would still be playing.

So its irrelevant on whether Jordan Hill starts or not.

Another factor to bring is an old Phil Jackson mentality. He never started rotation players from the bench. When starters would get hurt, he would replace them with a third string player, so that the second unit was not altered. The second unit is probably the most crucial lineup and should not be toyed with.

Jamison is our sixth man, and should not start one game for the lakers. If he starts, then suddenly your bench doesn't have a 15 ppg threat that can keep your team level while the starters rest.
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