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Default Re: Bobcats roll the dice, draft Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Though believing that former Kentucky standout Michael Kidd-Gilchrist needed to improve his perimeter shooting, first-year Charlotte Bobcats Coach Mike Dunlap waited for the right moment to broach the subject. That moment came as Dunlap watched Kidd-Gilchrist's frustration rise as he missed shots more often than the other players in an informal shootaround. "I went to him when no one was around and I said, 'Can we get this thing to where you want it?'" Kidd-Gilchrist eagerly accepted the offer. "God, coach, let's do it," he said. Lexington Herald-Leader

In a telephone interview last week, Dunlap noted Kidd-Gilchrist's willingness to change the shot. "If you don't get a willing participant in this thing, it feels jammed down his throat," the Bobcats' coach said. An overriding question might be this: Can a player of Kidd-Gilchrist's age (He turned 19 on Wednesday) still make a significant change in his shooting motion? Or do habits become ingrained and thus impossible to change by then? Dunlap said the amount of time NBA players can devote to shooting can translate into big improvement. Using power forwards and centers as an example, Dunlap said, "Some couldn't make a two with a pencil. You look at them four years later, and you go, 'Geez, he's got a good 18-footer.'" Lexington Herald-Leader
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