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Default Re: Looper is getting amazing reviews

Originally Posted by ZeN
No offense but I would assume that someone that basically lived a life building up survival nefarious instincts would have the ability to shoot the gun with his other hand. Im sure he's sustained injuries before where he would have to learn how to become ambidextrous. Although I do confess that after stumbling the first moment and having to recollect and aim with one hand is a tall order to ask of him. Just saying it wouldn't be an impossibility. Also, like the memories.. The body injury could have a delay (unlike death) and the moment would pass before the hand injury would take effect. With death it seems different since it negates an entire timeline having occurred...more of an instantaneous effect.

I imagined that body injuries show up at the same delay that the whole body disappears. And it isn't that Bruce Willis wouldn't have ability to shoot with his other hand, it is that when JGL blows off his hand, Bruce's hand disappears and the gun is dropped, giving JGL time to take out Bruce (only if he can get past the pain to get to Bruce before he picks up the gun, which is a pretty tall order). Ultimately though, JGL had to make a split second decision, and that doesn't really give you the time to consider the pros and cons of killing himself versus shooting off his hand.
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