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Default Re: Y'all know the Vikes are gonna make the playoffs right?

Originally Posted by stallionaire
Just making sure people are done sleeping on them. I called an 8-10 win season before it started. They're staying faithful to that call.

Beating the Pack in Lambeau will be our measuring stick. 49ers and then Lions on the road were nice and all but the Vikes need an even bigger statement.

Cutler is off to a shaky start this season and the Vikes really gotta capitlize on the easy schedule ahead.

Special teams played lights out today along with our defense. Offense puttered along but we have a strong core with Ponder, Peterson, Harvin, Simpson, Gearhart, and Rudolph. The team is a lot like the 49ers ground and pound except we'll start to do it better than them in the coming seasons due to our young talent developing further.


How on earth do you think they will make the playoffs with an 8 win season? I'm not saying that the Vikings for sure won't make the playoffs (though I doubt they will), but you honestly can't believe that an 8-10 season will put them there.
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