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Default Re: The Official Dexter Season 7 Thread

I posted this in another thread, but it belongs in here too.

I definitely enjoyed Dexter last night. I've loved the show from the get go, but as it's moved on, the flatness of all the characters outside of Dex and his sister has been an issue. To have it seemingly focus so much on the two of them this year, whatever the end may be, I think will make it that much better. I also feel like it's been a little too hokey since season two, with the exception of the Lithgow season, and as of last night it had a much darker edge to it than it has in recent years. Using LaGuerta as the one who's on the track is nice, because she's really the most fleshed out of the other characters, and she's got a natural rift with Deb already. Good cliffhanger that sort of dragged last season's cliffhanger out another episode. Good throwbacks to the long term audiences with The Ice Truck Killer and Dokes both being mentioned. And even the public storyline with the Ukrainian mafia looks to be a step up from recent seasons.

As you can see, I sort of agree with you guys that the show hasn't been nearly as good since season two, with the Lithgow season standing out as a notable exception, but it's had enough high moments to keep me watching. I've found that every year it opens well and then slowly devolves as the seasons wears along as the perimeter characters get exposed as flat one note people. But this episode felt different to me, and I'm really looking forward. I do have serious doubts about the computer guy however being able to hold down what I'm suspecting will be a major role.
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