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Default Re: Looper is getting amazing reviews

Originally Posted by bagelred
Just saw it. Seemed to be leading up to something great, but ended up just good.

SPOILER ALERT........actually why is anyone reading this thread if haven't seen movie.........hey, it's your own fault.....

I also thought the ending was weak and that they had another major twist or clever resolution coming. We didn't get that.

So JGL decides to kill himself to save some kid he barely knows who may or may not grow up to be some evil reckoning machine? Huh? Why? I don't know.....fell into typical movie the kid has a "breakthrough" JUST at that moment. Convenient. And how does JGL even know killing himself will work?

Good concept........crafted really well.......but that last 1/3 of the movie wasn't thought out that well.......
Um what? They made it pretty obvious hes the rainmaker. JGL has an epiphany and sees exactly how he turns into the rainmaker... Did you miss that whole part?
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