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Default Re: Has my jump shot form improved, and any critiques on my new form or dribbling?

Looks MUCH better, once again. You really ARE putting in work. The only thing I'd say to you now is to make sure you don't have any power leakages. See, the most efficient way to for power to transfer through the body is a straight line. Any detours (knocking knees, wobbly/misaligned elbows, etc) can AND will kill power and also throw off the trajectory of the shot. When you set up for your jump, make sure your knees aren't moving inwards or "knocking" or aren't bowing either. Imagine everything's a straight line.

I remember when I had my first REALLY bad shooting slump (as in I was constantly changing my form every time I went to the court coz nothing and everything seemed to work), I found this vid and it really helped me a lot. Push & Flop (I'd just like to add the "Magic Finger." Actually leading your follow-through with your pointer REALLY helps your shot, plus it makes you strive for consistency.
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