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Originally Posted by guy
Anyone got a list of the classic teams/classic players in the game?
Every classic team included in NBA 2K12 has returned for 2K13. The only new classic team thus far is the 2001 Philadelphia 76ers. Some players who signed on for 2K12 were not able to be re-signed for 2K13. The most notable stars missing are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Chris Webber, and Julius Erving. Some role players are now missing as well, including Eric Snow and Bryon Russell.

The good news in the case of each missing player is that classic teams are editable out of the box, contrary to 2K12 where users had to wait until the release of the Legends Showcase DLC to make transactions. As such, it's almost a certainty that doppelgangers of each star will show up on 2KShare shortly after release. I have recorded the ratings, tendencies, and signatures of each missing star so I can plug the numbers in myself (if someone else doesn't do it first).

The biggest issue I see with the missing players is the inability to give a created '87 Kareem his goggles. That will make him look strange. The other missing players have actually been created by gamers in the past to look quite accurate. It helps to re-create players when they're bald or have an afro, because 2K's horrible haircuts tend to jack things up real quick.

The Dream Team is also included but at this point, they cannot be edited.
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