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Default Re: Our "one" Panther thread

Originally Posted by Timmeh
Sure, Cam fumbled and we could point the finger at him. But I don't blame Rivera at all for punting. The defense played outstanding. 6 sacks and an INT on one of the best QBs in the league? Hell yeah I would've punted.

On top of that, we pinned them on their 1 yard line. Our defense lost us that game, no question. There's no reason the Falcons should've gone 60+ yards in less than a minute with 1 timeout. No reason.

If you're up by a touchdown sure go ahead and punt. But to give the ball back to Ryan with a minute left when you're only up 2 points isn't what I would've done. As soon as the decision was made to punt I knew we were going to lose the game. Our secondary is just too weak.

Cam was upset and fired up over the fumble. If I'm the coach I look him in the eyes and say "Go out there and get us a 1st down!"

Of course there's a reason I'm not an NFL coach.

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