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Default Re: The Official Dexter Season 7 Thread

I liked it. Interesting how they got right to the point with deb cconnecting the dots about Dexter = ice truck killer. From the preview, it looks like deb is going to try and tame the beast so to speak. Although this Ukraine mobster stuff could look to get pretty nasty... And Dexter will have lots of temptations. Dexter could potentially have three problems to deal with. Mobsters, computer nerd and laguerta.
The computer nerd is obviously the most pressing matter Imo, really interested to see how that turns out.... Will Dexter have the proper attention to recognize the threat with all the other stuff going on. Hope this season turns out well, the early blueprint that's been laid out seems promising enough

And that Ukrainian guy looks pretty powerful. I'm sure they will find Dexter.. Airport surveillance anyone? Lol
I think another major character will die before the season ends

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