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Default Re: Mark Cuban disses lakers moves

Originally Posted by LA Lakers
Wasnt this the same Mark Cuban who was willing to gamble everything in the hopes of getting superstar Dwight Howard and superstar D Will?

lol they're business men, all of these guys. He wanted them badly, but to the media he'll make a statement regarding how "chemistry is more important than talent" or whatever the case may be.

He dissed Ron Artest coming to the lakers saying it would be such a funny situation to watch. Well laker fans had the last laugh. Only until the next season when they lost to the mavericks, Cuban was having the time of his life...much later. He's harmless. You can hear him a mile away.

Now you've got CP3 who wanted to be a laker so bad, saying he never really wanted to be a laker now that he's a clipper. You've got Dwight Howard that said he didn't want to come to the lakers. Now he's a laker and is reportedly happier than ever. Its just the way the business works. Its nothing personal.

If this was personal, lakers would never get any stars on this team.
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