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Default Re: Rate your conversation/speaking skills with this scale

Originally Posted by andgar923
Am I the only one that can either be a 1 or an 8?

My mind travels a million miles per hour and at times I have bad speaking days. By that I mean I don't annunciate, can't pronounce I mumble the last part of my sentences, talk very fast, start off with one thought but finish with another (some of you may have noticed that one).

Then there's times when I capture people's attention, not just those I'm talking to directly but even other people around. People will stop and focus on what I have to say and everything just 'flows' naturally, with clarity, and precision. Authoritative but relatable.

I guess I'm weird.
They completely contradict each other. "There is carry over" is key from the OP. That said..

#4 says, "The person you are talking to usually speaks more than you do" while #8 says, "This person almost always leads his conversations".
#4 says "On average, you'd say the person you are talking to is definitely better at holding a conversation than you are, even if only by a little" while #8 says, "On average, you'd say you're definitely better at holding a conversation than the person/people you're talking to".
#4 says "You feel the person you're talking to often feels uncomfortable" while #8 says "You never feel like the person you're talking to is uncomfortable"

Unless you're just talking about day to day(which now that I read the rest of your post I think you are), but still, "On average" and "usually" is key.

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