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Default Re: Attention COWBOYS NATION... we need to talk (especially you -Primetime-)

not a cowboys fan, just a football fan. from my vantage point, i always felt that jones was way too involved in every aspect of the organization. ever since parcells left, i felt like pretty much every HC has been an overmatched coordinator (phillips) or a puppet (garrett). sorry, garrett is a puppet. does anyone think he's a big influence or good enough coach to win a division title?

oh and look what phillips has done to help turn around that houston defense. he was never a good HC, but he's still a damn good coordinator. texans are one of the most well-rounded teams in the league, even after losing mario williams.

jones should take a cue from his fellow dallas owner in mark cuban. sure, cuban is brash and vocal, but for the most part, he hires good coaches and let's he trusts them with the main decision making and doesn't have to put his hand anywhere and everywhere. i just don't see jones being able to change though. he likes being involved in everything and doesn't shy away from the spotlight ever. i think jones gets infatuated with 'flash' and potential.

now, i don't want to place all the blame on jones. some goes on romo. at the same time, at least two of those interceptions weren't his fault....the first being the one that bounced off ogletree's chest and the second with the miscommunication on the hitch route by dez.

as far as the claiborne pick, i don't think you can criticize that one too much. we've seen what shutdown corners can do in this league today. i'm not saying claiborne is that now but he can certainly get there. he was a top 5 prospect on many draft boards.

i remember when everybody was criticizing tampa for trading down, passing on claiborne and taking safety mark barron. so far, barron has about 15 tackles, several for a loss and has several pass deflections. hopefully, people realize how that pick wasn't crazy at all. we'll have to see how their careers pan out, but it was never as huge a gap as some people made it out to be.

secondly, there weren't really any dominant tackles at that spot last draft, hence the dallas and TB picks. i do agree with the notion that building an offensive line should take precedent in the draft. however, guys like ryan kalil don't grow on trees.

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