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Default Re: Write it Down: The Fix is In, Tebow to start vs. Colts

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
how do you figure?

You sound exactly like the people who liked Orton and didn't want Tebow to start. Teams start the player the gives them the best chance to win. Sanchez has had his turn and been pretty bad. If it was any other backup QB behind Sanchez and the Jets were debating about pulling him, nobody would care.

Really dumb post. You talk about how the Jets give Sanchez nothing to work with but Tebow's going to be working with the same team? Seriously doubt the one win against Indy will be the end of everything Mark's layed a goose egg, why shouldn't the back up QB get a chance?

Thread sums up Tebow tho. You either have people who are like ALL HE DOES IS WIN and than you have the people who are like OMG it's all bullshit. Very rarely are their people in the middle(not really on ISH but outside of that).

They needed lineman, running backs, and receivers. They brought in only Tebow. No, Sanchez didn't succeed. WIll Tebow? I doubt it.

Where did i criticize Tebow in my post btw? Reread it. I said they didn't back Sanchez up, or did it half heartedly, because they want Tebow in. Are you in love with him? Because i basically said the Jets screwed Sanchez and you read "i hate Tebow".
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