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Default Re: Games You Hope for Someday?

Zombie Apocalypse

Survival.... door to door ... Break into people's abandoned houses. OPEN FREE WORLD. And if there's chances ... you can meet new people and have them join your group. And have that little cut-scene where you could get to know them first. talk to them about what happened or whatever ...

Break into malls, start building stuffs inside the mall -- BARRICADES and etc... realistic gameplay, have the ability to climb tree's. You can travel from one city to another city, and there are farms in between those cities.

What im tryin to say is ... if the Zombie Apocalypse happened to our world, then the game would be just like that. Go up hills, hunt animals for food or break into stores. Instead of Wallmart, they could have a gunstore named "ThinksMART"

Thats my fantasy game. Really. I hope there's a way we can pass this to developers.

And of course, give us the OPTION to change our camera view ... 3rd person or First Person.

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