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Default Re: Write it Down: The Fix is In, Tebow to start vs. Colts

Originally Posted by JMT
Much ado about nothing.

Sanchez is a career 55% passer with a pedestrian passer rating (73%) and averages per attempt/catch.

Tebow is a career 50% passer with a slightly better passer rating (75%) and better numbers per attempt/catch. He can also run, which the Jets and Sanchez have been unable to do.

Take off the tin foil hat. If Tebow plays it's for the same reason any team turns to a backup when the starter is healthy. The starter is sucking out the joint.

Sanchez gets too much Romo treatment. Nothing is ever his fault, he doesn't get enough help, etc. At some point the needle has to stop spinning and point squarely at him.

Pretty much this. People love to bash Tebow for his unorthodox play and his inability to stay in the pocket or w/e but he's a play maker and he can make plays unlike Sanchez and that's what the NYJ offense needs. It's really pathetic watching Sanchez ducking in the pocket and get eaten up by dlinemen as he's just to hesistant and timid in the pocket.
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