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Default Re: Write it Down: The Fix is In, Tebow to start vs. Colts

Originally Posted by niko
You're saying Tebow should be given the chance to start, note Sanchez went to the AFC championship game both years. He had more success than Tebow in his first year, not less.

Sanchez was horrible his rookie season and he almost cost them a playoff appearance with his horrible play. If they had a competent QB they would've won 3-4 games that season. I remember Sanchez just losing them games with turnovers that year. His second season he was average at best and was a subpar game manager. However, he did play well in the playoffs.

But Tebow had a more direct impact with the Broncos success than Sanchez ever did with NY imo. The W-L record with Tebow in the lineup and Tebow's late game heroics is the primary reason.
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