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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by percelloveknicks
I usually am excited about the start of the season but this year i am not, with the older players you will see a rash of injuries. That's why i love the nfl, they dont play, when father time starts ticking, out the door you go. For example plaxico had 8 touchdowns, and almost 900 yards rec, and cant sniff a nf:rol roster this year. The front office didnt learn anything from baron davis or mike bibby.
Clearly you haven't seen the Jets linebackers lol

No but seriously, I get what you mean. The tolerance for decline is way smaller in the NFL, but you have to also remember that is because #1 They don't have fully guaranteed contracts and #2 There's so many coaches, they aren't pressed to bring in guys for "leadership" as much as the NBA is.

Ultimately, I too am at wit's end with the Knicks trying the same old resurrection attempts every year. But at the end of the day, like I told my dad, this season is going to come down to the play of our starters for the most part anyway. If they remain healthy and productive, we probably won't see much of the old crusties. If we see enough of these guys to complain about them, then it's probably already gotten bad for us.

I think out scouts and GM have shown that they aren't going to go above and beyond to make this team better. They are lazy and have repeatedly taken the easy, more household name approach. However, I'm still excited to see some basketball because we finally have a competitive team with big time talent. It could be worse. We could be arguing who's better between Gallinari and Chandler still.
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