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Default Re: #55 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by pauk
Wasnt a top 5 SG of his generation? Are you kidding me!? Overall only Jordan and Drexler were the better ones during his generation... Reggie was also Jordans biggest nemesis/rival at the SG spot overall... thats equivalent of Ray Allen being the biggest nemesis/rival of Kobe Bryant... and thats clearly not the case is it... and Kobe was even worse than Michael Jordan...

There is just some intangibles, killer instinct, competitive spirit you cant measure on paper (something which Ray Allen lacked)... something which Reggie is in discussion of being the best / one of the best ever at.... and something which he even used to always humiliate Ray Allen himself during their matchups despite his age...

I would love to see Ray Allen come to Reggies days and try be that to Jordan or to those other players....

I would also love to see him try and be a top 5 SG or be selected an all-star that many times when he had guys like this that would more or less kept him out of the all-star game various seasons or kept him from being a top 5 SG various seasons: Michael Jordan, Clyde Drexler, Reggie Miller, Joe Dumars, Mitch Richmond, Glen Rice, Jeff Hornacek, Dan Majerle, John Starks, Latrell Sprewell, Hersey Hawkins, Nick Anderson, Drazen Petrovic and so on......... Today he has only Kobe or Wade to battle that spot with, even if he loses he will still be an all-star or a top 5 SG due to the lack of SG talent... Last time he was an all-star was in 2011 where he averaged 16 PPG, he was not even close to even being the best player in his team, still got in... good luck with trying to be that "all-star" during Reggies generation... those 16 ppg pure shooters came in huge packs... many who were even better shooters and players than Ray Allen never even got to be all-stars (Drazen Petrovic is an example)...

I would also love to see him be recognized as the best shooter when there were guys like this around: Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, Mitch Richmond, Glen Rice, Jeff Hornacek, Dan Majerle, Dale Ellis, Dell Curry, Mark Price, Nick Anderson, Drazen Petrovic, Craig Hodges, Steve Kerr and so on and so on...... Today he has only Nash or Dirk to battle that honor with due to the lack of such pure shooters....

By the time Ray Allen would be finished with his career he would be remembered as nothing but one of the many normal pure shooters that played in the late 80s and 90s, that wasnt a Top 3 SG (like Reggie was) during that generation and that has missed many all-star spots... he would have not been as recognized as he is today where he benefits from a weaker SG era and a weaker Shooter era....

Ray Allen is starting to get overrated, Reggie would made Ray nothing but a forgotten memory... players like Ray Allen came in a dozen during his time and he was killing them all (people were forced to see the difference between others "like him" when it came down to the time when it all mattered), only Jordan & Drexler were in the way (and once Drexler decreased only Jordan was in the way)..

Funny you list guys all those guys at the SG spot during Reggie's playing days... Since a lot of them were better SG's than Reggie.

LOL at Ray Allen lacking killer instinct and clutch. Reggie has failed so many times in his career. He won one big playoff series in his life and got this clutch aura about him. Over their careers Ray Allen is the one that has time and time again stepped up. Not Reggie.
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