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Default Re: #55 NBA Player Of All-Time According to InsideHoops

Originally Posted by plowking
LOL at Ray Allen lacking killer instinct and clutch. Reggie has failed so many times in his career. He won one big playoff series in his life and got this clutch aura about him. Over their careers Ray Allen is the one that has time and time again stepped up. Not Reggie.
Reggie is a much better playoff performer than Ray and all the numbers/metrics back it up.

Yes, he didn't win much, bu winning a lot of the team is not in control of one player, it's in control of an entire team.

Plus, if you want to really argue, Reggie consistently made it to the post-season each and every season whereas Ray didn't. Ray missed the post-season for most of his prime when he was the #1 option on his team.
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