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Default Re: 2012/2013 UEFA Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by plowking
Talent wise? Since when?

The only place on the pitch we stand out as better is at the back, and that is due to injuries to United.

This is serious? Talent-wise, Eden Hazard stands toe-to-toe with both RVP and Wayne Rooney.

Your midfield destroys theirs, and that's even before taking into account how bad the mix is for them. Ferguson did his usual disrespect thing with Carrick a few years ago and Carrick stayed on, but wasn't the same player after. These last two seasons he's been real average. This year he's looked good, but I have no idea waht Ferguson is doing with him and Scholes. Their positions should clearly be reversed. You can run right thru their midfield. Look at Dembele in that Fulham game. Nani is overlooked, despite how good he is, Ashley Young is getting the hairdryer treatment (minus the slinging) based on expectations from his immediate impact last year. And he's just wasting away on the bench. The only winger who gets run is, by far, the least impressive of the 3.

And despite the last 3 minutes against Tottenham, you can't play 4 forwards at one time. They're stacked for no reason. Kagawa is a great addition and fits United pefectly, except Ferguson is not slotting him in accordingly. Ferguson isn't willing to do much of anything.
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