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Anyway, this would be my starting five for the Cats:


As far as their bench rotation is concerned, I think these guys should come off in this order:

BK - hopefully 20-25 minutes per game. Great court vision and fills it up in terms of steals/assists.

May - 15-20 mpg - instant offense - hope they find a way to get him minutes alongside Okafor. They could compliment each other way

Bernard Robinson - 10-15 mpg - He was great last year when he got minutes--he showed some hustle and had a couple of double-doubles. I hope they keep him. He's a good back-up swingman.

Matt Carroll - >10 mpg - One of the few Cats to get hot in the last quarter, and one of the few Cats who hit open jumpers.

Brezec - >10 mpg - I'd actually start Ely at center. Brezec is a cream-puff but can provide instant offense off the bench. He shouldn't play much. Ten minutes is about how long it takes him to get into foul trouble anyway.
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