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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'GENERAL' Discussion

I've adjusted to the graphics now where it's not bugging me as much. Now my complaints are...

1. The menus are terrible. I mean I have to freaking exit My Career mode to alter my players gear etc . A lot of things are in illogical spots such as this and it got worse than previous years (thanks Jay Z).

2. The music is very mainstream and not nearly as good. 2K over the years has had amazing soundtracks because of the underground and obscure music they put in that gave it a more down to earth feel. Many songs from 2K games ended up blowing up mainstream later but were big on 2K first. He added some great songs but they don't mix well at all.

3. For some reason the post game feels much worse/harder than it did than in 2K12. In 2K12 I wanted to post up constantly.... in 2K13 I want to play on the perimeter way more.
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