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Default Re: NBA will penalize flopping from now on, confirmed today

Originally Posted by brandonislegend
He gets flagrant fouled because players don't like flopping cry baby bitches that only stand up to point guards, I remember when Andre miller pushed his ass cause he kept trying to punk point guards and griffin was scared as fk, fake tough guy

Not to mention he's gotten into it with Grant Hill, Zach Randolph few times (you should know). Dude is far from a PG bully so stop trying so hard. Andre Miller cheapshoted him from behind so the idea that he "punked" him is so stupid it's laughable. If a 210 pound person charges you fullcourt and tackles you in the lower back you're going to go down too if you're not expecting it.

Miller is VERY lucky that Griffin didn't dish a flagrant back like he did with bigger Trevor Ariza, or Miller's career would be over.
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