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Default Re: NBA will penalize flopping from now on, confirmed today

Originally Posted by jlip
I have a feeling that even if this new rule is strictly enforced that it will not be to the satisfaction of many fans, primarily due to the fact that fans and players (and presumably by extention, officials) perceive different people as the primary culprits. I keep reading on ISH how Griffin, CP3, Wade, and Lebron are the worst floppers, but last year when 152 NBA players were asked who the biggest floppers in the game were neither of those four players were even listed in the top 15.

So be prepared to see major fines imposed on non superstars the likes of Varejao, Scola, Battier, and Barea as opposed to superstars such as Griffin and Lebron. I expect to see numerous threads next season complaining about how the Clippers and Heat are not getting penalized for flopping.
No doubt those players you mentioned are just as guilty as flopping. I think the difference between them, and say CP3, is the way in which they flop. CP3 has some legendary feminin style, limp handed, aerial acrobatic style flopping. Even before he was a Clipper. I think its that kind of flopping that mostly enrages fans and players and ultimately forced the NBA to make these kind of changes. Certain players will have targets on their backs for sure. Blake and CP3 are on the top of that list, one would think (along with Manu). Someone is going to be made an example out of, its juat a matter of time.
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