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Default Re: NBA will penalize flopping from now on, confirmed today

Originally Posted by COnDEMnED
In no way do I deny the Lakers have had some LEGENDARY floppers. Divac and Fish immediately come to mind. But so is Kobe, but not in the same way. Kobe is a verbal, fling his hands in the air and yell AEYYY, flopper. Chris Paul is a throw his head back, let out a faint sigh, backflip helicopter kick flail to the ground holding his balls and knee while looking at the ref, flopper. Not even in the same ballpark.

So no, I wont ignore the Lakers flopper.

So basically you're saying he's more dramatic? I admit that with both Griffin+CP3 but to me a flop is a flop. Ones that are more dramatic don't mean anything to me, if anything they are more entertaining.
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