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Default Re: Write it Down: The Fix is In, Tebow to start vs. Colts

Originally Posted by JMT
Conversely, why would you try to build a team around a career 55% passer who lacks running ability and whose leadership has been questioned at various times throughout his career?

I've heard the playoff argument, but it rings hollow when the player has shown no improvement and the other guy has more recent playoff success, with a team that few would argue had less talent than last year's Jets. He also came out the winner in their only head-to-head matchup.
i wouldn't have brought Tebow in personally. The Jets want to play it close to the vest but have Sanchez occasionally try to pass. He hasn't been good, but they have a substandard line, a weak receiving core, and a terrible RB. Bringing him back and judging him to lack improvement is not suprising, he has worse tools around him. Tebow will do better because he can run around and the line is shit, but he's not winning many games here either.
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