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Default Re: Obama v. Romney Debate 1 of 3 IGT

Originally Posted by tpols
Romney has material to go off. We saw Obama fvck up. All he has to do is research the numbers and hammer him. Obama will blame the people before him as usual but he has no real dirt on Romney.

Romney seems to take more of a ruthless business 'efficient' approach while Obama plays the overly humanitarian. Romney, is a scumbag and a dick. Obama is soft and doesn't know anything. They both suck and I ain't voting.

I wouldn't say that, this is the same man who gloats about killing Osama, the same man who bombed the shit out of libya, the same man who authorizes drone attacks in the middle east(which kills thousands of innocents), the same man who still hasn't withdrawn from Afghanistan despite his lies coming into office, the same man who has turned the USA into a police state(or will turn).

Obama is ruthless
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