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Default Re: Obama v. Romney Debate 1 of 3 IGT

Originally Posted by Myth
Romney presented better, but I still have absolutely no faith in him helping out the middle class and the poor.

Mate, the governments job aint to carry everybody around. Thats why its called the Declaration of INdependence. Thats why your preamble says every man is endowed by his creator to "life liberty and pursuit of happiness." It dot say hes endowed by the federal government to receive free money they took from some other guy.

Americans have huge incarceration rates.
Americans homes increasingly value education less than foreign ones.
Americans live far less healthy than any other developed countries.

These are problems AMERICANS create, mate.

The fact you are saying "I dont trust [this one guy over here] to fix this!" basically shows the backward mindset you and so many other yanks have about the federal government, how you make excuses, pretend to be victims, and cant lift your own self up".

You ARE fostering a country of self defeated losers who are convinced they cant provide a decent life for THEMSELF in the most richly opportune country in the world. How bloody pathetic is that, mate?

Your one simple ignorant statemet demonstrates the exact attitude that is causing America to turn into a shambles.
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